Wild Bus Films

In 2019 Louisa Gilbert decided to pack up her life as a TV producer in the UK and moved to the Pacific Northwest where she would buy and customise a 40ft School Bus. After some incredible renovation this bus was to function as a mobile production office offering media services across British Columbia.

Louisa approached me to help communicate the wild bus films offering. The focus was on unearthing untold stories that this breathtaking part of the world has to offer and the identity needed to express the companies unique 'off-grid' capabilities as well as how it can so easily embed itself in completely remote parts of the country.

We looked at a variety of approaches to the logo, early concepts explored a map as a literal way of communicating how the business operates. Turning this map 3D then brought us visuals of mountain landscapes. Ultimately we both felt the 'W' was powerful and effective enough, its undulating form is itself a visual representation of the scenery so we moved forward using this as the frame which ever changing photography, illustration and colour can sit in, allowing the brand to continually evolve as it uncovers new and unexpected stories.

We wanted the rest of the identity to capture the natural beauty of the surroundings, the 'golden hour' light as the sun sets behind the mountains is reflected in the yellow, orange and cream tones. The typographic development lead us to selecting 'Navigo', a fitting title for the context, the typeface has a unique personality with its angular corners that appear very soft and easy on the eye.

© George Kirkpatrick 2021