MAJO is an exclusive, oversize pillar candle brand offering 1 meter tall candles specifically designed to be used outdoors. The identity needed to show how the candles could encourage connection, being at the heart of an outdoor party setting.

A interconnecting ‘M’ icon establishes this connection whilst the typographic treatment echoes the size of the candles, spilling outside of their frames. A generous use of white space across vertical rectangular frames references the understated elegance of the candles themselves.Inherently linked to the outdoors, it was essential that the identity reflected the setting. A dark earthy green becomes the brands central colour, anchoring it to nature whilst a lighter electric green introduces a burst of energy. The balance establishes a brand that can navigate traditional and contemporary contexts ready for print and digital.

Art Direction: George Kirkpatrick
Copywriting: Lucy Banwell
Photography: Alex Natt

© George Kirkpatrick 2021